Reasons to adopt stray dogs (cats)…….Yes! Even foreigners keen to adopt desi indie breeds!


  1. Many Breed Dogs are not made for Indian Climate


The desi indie dogs are native to India, so they can withstand the extreme climates of India very easily. On the other hand, many people are unaware that the big breeds like Siberian Husky or Saint Bernard are ill-suited to the harsh climates of India. That’s why they tend to suffer from many heat related problems such as loss of appetite and dehydration. Breeds are not indigenous are not suitable for India.

  1. Desi dogs are more street – smart


Yes, they are street smart because they have been born and brought up in tough Indian Climate and have gone through rough basic life on the streets. So, when you adopt a desi, they are more amenable to training and catch up tricks very easily.


  1. Less maintenance of Desi dogs


Desi dogs are naturally healthy and need less grooming and are less prone to diseases as they have natural immunity. Time and again, it has been proved how vulnerable the pedigrees are to various diseases. Partly, their low immunity is to be blamed, courtesy the inhuman treatment of them by the breeders, who isolate the newly born puppy from their mothers as soon as they are born. This unethical practice continues unchallenged all over the country and people who buy dogs from breeders never realise the cruelty these breeders subject the mother dogs to.

  1. It’s a noble cause


With so many dogs in the streets leading a difficult life, constantly on the verge of being attacked by humans and prone to accidents, it is truly a noble effort to adopt a desi dog and provide it a loving family. You will be surprised later how these indie dogs return your love…


  1. Last, but not the least – Our desi are soooooo adorable and cute!


Gone are the days when pool parties used to brim with pedigree dogs and desi were nowhere to be seen. Now, desi are strutting their stuff and are the apple of the eye of every party and event. No one is cuter than our lovely indie…!