12 Interesting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Reflective Collars for Dogs

       1. What exactly is a ‘Reflective Collar’ and how is it different from a normal collar for a dog or cow?

A reflective collar is similar to a normal collar except that the reflective collar has a reflective tape on it, which shines when light is directed at it. So, the reflective collar is particularly useful for stray dogs or cows, because the collar plays an important role in preventing accidents: At night, vehicles are not able to see the dogs on roads due to dim street lighting; the reflective collars enable the drivers to observe the dog on the road because the reflective collar shines when headlight is directed at the dog, minimizing the chances of accidents at night. It is painful that many dogs are killed/paralyzed due to accidents.

       2. What are the materials used in Binkymart® Reflective Collar?

A strip of nylon webbing (a type of fabric) is taken, and a ‘fabric reflective tape’ is stitched onto the nylon webbing.  The collar has a heavy-duty plastic buckle and a plastic adjustor to adjust the size depending on the neck size of the dog.

       3. What is the difference between ‘Fabric Reflective Tape’ and ‘Heat Transfer Reflective Tape’?

The ‘Heat Reflective Tape’ consists of a layer of reflective tape, which is pasted onto the fabric through ‘Heating’. On the other hand, ‘Fabric Reflective Tape’ is a special kind of fabric itself, which reflects light.

The ‘Heat Reflective Tape’ usually gets withered away or chips off with time, and hence it costs less. The ‘Fabric Reflective Tape’ (which is stitched onto a nylon fabric), is better in surviving rough conditions such as sunlight, rain-water, etc, and thus, it costs more than ‘Heat Reflective Tape’.

Binkymart® uses high quality ‘Fabric Reflective Tape’ on all its collars.

       4. What is the life of a Binkymart® Reflective Collar for a stray dog?

It depends on the personality of the dog. A dog that is very energetic or playful usually is NOT able to damage its own collar, but due to its energetic nature, it sometimes damages the collars of his other friends (dogs).

Binkymart has observed that the collars stay undamaged on dogs for 1-2 years, and in some cases, the collars get damaged or removed in 2 months also. Thus, it depends. Overall, the observation is that a majority of collars stay undamaged for more than a year.

       5. Is Binkymart® Reflective Collar waterproof?

The ‘Fabric Reflective Tape’, which is the core of the collar is waterproof. It does not get damaged in rains. The nylon webbing is not waterproof, but it is quick-drying, leading to no chances of fungal infections. Overall, during extreme rains also, we have observed that the collars stay undamaged.  Moreover, the collar is skin-friendly and does not harm the neck of the dog.

       6. What is the quality of the buckle? Does it get damaged easily?

Binkymart uses high quality heavy plastic buckles, with minimal chances of breakage.

       7. Is a reflective collar suitable for puppies?

Binkymart does not recommend a reflective collar for small puppies, below the age of 3 months, etc. The reason is that a puppy’s skin is very sensitive, and its neck is small too.

We recommend a ‘Reflective Ribbon’ for puppies, which would serve the purpose of ‘shine’ at night, leading to minimizing the chances of accidents. Please note that the ‘Reflective Ribbons’ won’t be as long-lasting as the Reflective  Collar.

       8. What if people steal the Reflective Collars?

Binkymart provides a complementary zip-tie, which locks the buckle and secures it from being stolen. For a detailed video on zip-tie, please check the below link of Binkymart-

       9. Is this an LED collar?

No, as discussed previously, it consists of a durable ‘Fabric Reflective Tape’ (which shines) and is stitched on a nylon webbing fabric. The ‘Fabric Reflective Tape’ will shine ONLY when light (eg from car’s headlights) will fall on the collar. You can relate it to a shining reflective jacket worn by the traffic police.

       10. Is there anything else, which I should know about Binkymart Reflective Collar?

We are not using D-ring (which is used to tie leash). This is because, the primary purpose of the reflective collar is to save the animals from accidents, and as per our customer feedback, leashes are rarely used on collars for stray dogs.

We provide the option of customizing collars with D-rings at a slightly increased cost.

       11. How can I purchase collars from Binkymart®?

You can purchase collars via Amazon/ Binkymart company website. Binkymart ships products all over India. If you want to purchase in bulk (over 100 collars), please contact us on Customer Care- +91 97 1613 9224.

       12. Are Binkymart® reflective collars effective in achieving the intended purpose?

Binkymart was founded by a team of animal lovers, so we understand the significance of animal rescue and cash crunch which volunteers and feeders face daily. We assure you that this is an effective & value for money product. We have got feedback from users on how they could spot a dog due to shining collar at night and the car drivers slowed their speed subsequently. Again, we can’t eliminate accidents – drunk driving and overspeeding are rampant in metro cities, leading to accidents. But a small effort can go a long way in reducing the chances of accidents.

A brief background of Binkymart®:

Binkymart® LLP is an online pet store providing designer dresses, dog coats, dog T-shirts, dog Tuxedo, harness, dog shoes, dog beds, accessories for dogs (bow ties, collars, leashes, pet name tags, bowls, bandanas, pet toys, leash holders) Binkymart also provides handmade quality reflective collars for stray dogs, reflective collars for cows at affordable prices, with a mission to save their lives from accidents at night. We are also the first company in India to introduce drag bags for paralyzed dogs. Our manufacturing is done by needy skilled women such as widows, disabled, etc in NGOs, to promote women empowerment. Please visit for details.